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Sean Cooper
Electric Distribution Systems Manager

Electric Distribution Systems receives power from both the University’s cogeneration facility and the local utility provider, Duke Energy. The energy from both sources is delivered to three campus substations which have a total transformation capacity of 250 megawatts, or approximately enough to power 26,000 homes.

Energy is then delivered through an intricate and complex electric distribution system to individual buildings and campus exterior lighting systems. This distribution network consists of 820 electric and telecommunications manholes, tied together with 39 miles of duct bank, containing 68 miles of underground cable and operating at a voltage of 12,470 volts. Power delivery is controlled using 49 high speed automatic switches and 162 manual switches serving 406 transformers.

Electric Distribution Systems is also responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of all 2,739 lights in the University’s roadway, parking lot and area lighting systems.